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Now, if she touches like this

Will you touch her right back?

bro remember when u listened to this song in the commons area of your middle school and you had a purple and black zebra case on your ipod and your background was a cartoon monster or cupcake and muffin that said ‘muffins are just ugly cupcakes’and you were wearing glittery converse and you teased and straightened your hair and wore a bow in itand you told everyone u got the bow at hot topic but you really got it at claires for 6.95 and you had like a whole dance choreographed in your head to this song but you never actually did it and then you went and talked about nightmare before christmas with your friend for an hour over skype



Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.


Did a little album art thing for Flower the Skunk/Human Petting Zoo a while ago.

St. Vincent live at the Cambridge Junction - August 20th 2014 (por P. G. Morris)


Super pissed about my cartilage piercing (one of them anyways) bc it swelled up and it was bad .
So I went to Claire’s and the lady flipped shit and said that it was infected and she made me take the earring out (I began sobbing) and it was horrid.
I got put on antibiotics and I have to soak it every hour in hot salt water
But ya know sometimes life just happens
Ps Armanda was there and she is such a warrior for such a sad time

I fought the good fight.


“I think he’s very lonely. Lonelier than he lets on. Maybe lonelier than he even realizes.”
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

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